Who We Are

We are artists, scientists, engineers, and technologists, who work together to create and distribute extraordinary content experiences for audiences everywhere.

  • Technicolor Creative Studios: We are an international community of award-winning VFX artists and technologists that sets the gold standard of visual effects and creative production services to the global entertainment, brand experience and advertising sectors.
  • Connected Home: We are engineers with industry-recognized leadership and open innovation at the heart of everything we develop. We partner with the world’s leading service providers to help them embrace the complex technologies needed to deliver seamless connectivity and premium entertainment experiences.
  • Home Entertainment Services: We are leading and highly skilled experts who manufacture, package, distribute and manage supply chain of DVD and Blu-Ray Discs for all major US studios and global CD and Games industry. In parallel to our DVD business, we are increasingly focused on promoting a new and diverse set of offerings to a different customer base outside of Media and Entertainment.
  • Trademark Licensing:Technicolor offers licensing customers and partners the opportunity to benefit from the market awareness and strength of long recognized and highly established brands such as RCA, Thomson – as well as other trusted and respected global brands in the consumer electronics sector. 

Our History

First as Thomson, Technicolor has a rich heritage stretching over 130 years. During that time, the iconic consumer brand has been at the forefront of great technological revolution, with a mission to make the latest innovations accessible and friendly to all. Thomson products, which include advanced devices for the connected home, have long been a big part of everyday life; today as Technicolor, that extends from manufacturing, supply-chain services and connected devices, to award-winning visual effects and animation across film, television, advertising, and games.

1892: The founding of Thomson
In 1893, the Compagnie Française Thomson-Houston (CFTH) was formed in Paris, a sister company to the General Electric Company in the United States. It was from this company that the modern Thomson Group would evolve, named after its founder the electrical engineer Elihu Thomson.
1966: From CFTH to Thomson-Brandt to Thomson-CSF
In 1966, CFTH merged with Hotchkiss-Brandt. Renamed Thomson-Brandt, the electronics business of the company merged with Compagnie Générale de Télégraphie Sans Fil (CSF) in 1968 to form Thomson-CSF.
1982: Thomson SA
In 1982, both Thomson-Brandt and Thomson-CSF saw nationalization. Thomson-Brandt was  renamed Thomson SA (Société Anonyme), and soon merged with Thomson-CSF.
1988: Thomson Consumer Electronics
After GE sold their consumer electronics division, as well as the consumer electronics divisions of RCA and ProScan, to Thomson-CSF in 1988, Thomson Consumer Electronics was formed.
1995: Thomson Multimedia and its expansion
In 1995, the French government split the consumer electronics from the defense businesses of Thomson Multimedia and Thomson-CSF prior to privatization in 1999, following which Thomson-CSF became Thales in 2000.
That same year, Thomson Multimedia purchased Technicolor from Carlton Television. Thomson next purchased the Moving Picture Company, which creates  visual effects for films and television, from ITV in 2004.
2004: Joint venture with TCL
In 2004, Thomson set up a joint venture (TTE) with China's TCL, giving to TCL all manufacturing of RCA and Thomson television and DVD products, and making TCL the global leader in TV manufacturing (Thomson maintained control of the brands and licensed them to TTE).
2007: Paprikass
In February 2007, to expand its entertainment services capabilities, Thomson Multimedia invested in Indian animation studio Paprikaas,  and raised its ownership to 100% by January 2010.
In December 2007, Thomson SA sold its remaining consumer electronics audio video business outside of Europe to Audiovox, including the worldwide rights to the RCA brand.
2009: Rebranding to ‘Technicolor’
Thomson rebranded itself as Technicolor in 2009.
2014: Mr. X and The Mill
On June 10, 2014, Technicolor announced the acquisition of Canadian VFX studio Mr. X Inc.
On February 25, 2015, Technicolor acquired French independent animation producer OuiDo! Productions.
On July 23 of the same year, Cisco Systems announced the sale of its television set-top box and cable modem business to Technicolor.
On September 15, 2015, Technicolor acquired London-based visual effects leader in advertising The Mill.
On November 13, 2015, Technicolor acquired the North American optical disc manufacturing and distribution assets from Cinram Group, Inc.
2015: Mikros Image
In April 2015, Technicolor acquired Mikros Image, a French production and post-production company for feature animation, advertising, feature film and TV.
In July 2018, Technicolor closed the sale of its Patent Licensing business to InterDigital, and in February 2019, received a binding offer for its Research & Innovation Activity from the same company.
In 2021, the Technicolor post-production brand was sold to LA-based Streamland Media. The sale was part of a strategic decision to focus on visual effects and animation for film, TV, advertising, gaming and live events, as part of a wider financial restructure, including cost reduction and clearing debt. 
2021: Technicolor Creative Studios launch
In 2021, Technicolor launched Technicolor Creative Studios, forming a collaborative global structure to drive innovation and creativity across the entertainment, experiential and advertising industries.
2022: The integration of studios
Technicolor Creative Studios integrated its VFX brands MPC Film, MPC Episodic and Mr. X under Moving Picture Company (MPC), forming the largest suite of VFX studios serving the feature film and episodic market globally. Furthermore, MPC Advertising merged under The Mill brand to create the world’s largest VFX studio for the advertising and brand experience market. The studio network includes The Mill, MPC, Mikros Animation, and Technicolor Games.
2022: Corporate Listing
In early 2022, Technicolor announced plans to build two separately listed companies – Technicolor Creative Studios and Technicolor SA, the latter comprising Connected Home and HES. Also announced was the sale of its Trademark Licensing business to third parties during H1 2022 to further increase focus on its core businesses. The split is expected to be finalized by Q3 2022.

What We Do

Technicolor harnesses the strengths of Technicolor Creative Studios, Connected HomeHome Entertainment Services and Trademark Licensing to Create, Connect, and Deliver amazing experiences.


Technicolor Creative Studios
We are a creative technology innovator, transforming the future of film, episodic, gaming, and integrated marketing and advertising campaigns. By applying the best of visual effects (VFX), animation and immersive interactive technology across our family of market-share leading creative studios, we are redefining content experiences through a strong combination of storytelling and innovation.

Connected Home
We are a leader in the designing of connected devices. Connected Home is No. 1 in broadband gateway boxes, set top boxes and Android TV solutions through a powerful, global supply chain. We engineer next-generation home network and video solutions that enable bandwidth intensive content to be distributed at gigabit speeds and enjoyed seamlessly regardless of place, device or time.

Home Entertainment Services
We are the worldwide leader in manufacturing, packaging and supply chain solutions for packaged media and related products, serving all major studios plus independent film studios, software and games publishers, and major music publishers. We provide turnkey integrated supply-chain solutions including mastering, replication, packaging, direct-to-retail and direct-to-consumer distribution of both new releases and catalog products. In addition, the division is currently diversifying into exciting new adjacent areas.  

Trademark Licensing
Technicolor’s Quality Assurance Process is designed to ensure and reinforce a coherent quality level for products throughout all brands, categories and geographies. Technicolor works with each licensee to guarantee the best practices in manufacturing and sourcing are in place to meet our brand commitment to consumers. The Quality Assurance Process addresses all suppliers, products and sales initiatives that take place before, during and after a product market launch that carries any of the Technicolor brands.