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The Technicolor POSTCAST is an all-access pass to post-production. From the intricacies of today’s advanced workflows to the look or sound found in some of your favorite films and series, Technicolor artists and partners discuss their craft in this monthly podcast.

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Drawing on insights from leading names across a variety of industries and disciplines, Mill Talk is for artists, directors, innovators, technologists, and thinkers who bring extraordinary ideas to life. Mill Talk is curated by global production partner The Mill, hosted by Becca Falborn and produced by Lime Studios, NYC. In Series 2 – ‘Makers for Creative Good’ – Mill Talk examines different ways that our industry can take action and use our creativity and voices for social and equitable good.

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The Focus Masterclass is a podcast where we speak to some of the great minds in visual effects to dive deep into every part of the industry – from production, to the creative process, business, and technology. For more content, visit and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. (Music: ‘Upbeat Party’ by Scott Holmes via

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The Future Trust immerses you in innovative discussions with the telecom industry’s top thought leaders as they explore the new technologies being developed and emerging opportunities that shape the future of our connected lives

April 05, 2021

Disability Inclusion in the Workplace

Mill Talk - Series 2 ‘Makers for Creative Good’ - Episode 4
March 19, 2021

Celebrating International Women’s Day with Women in Production

Mill Talk - Series 2 ‘Makers for Creative Good’ - Episode 3
March 19, 2021

Creativity For Good

Mill Talk - Series 2 ‘Makers for Creative Good’ - Episode 2
March 01, 2021

Representation in the Media

Mill Talk - Series 2 ‘Makers for Creative Good’ - Episode 1
December 02, 2020

Watchmen: Sound Mixing with Emmy-Winner Joe DeAngelis

Technicolor POSTCAST Episode 9
September 23, 2020

Charley Henley, MPC VFX Supervisor, on Designing Creatures

The Focus Masterclass Episode 2
September 23, 2020

Nick Davis, MPC VFX Supervisor, on Pre-Production

The Focus Masterclass Episode 1
September 22, 2020

Future of: Gaming Technology

MillTalk Episode 5
September 22, 2020

Future of: Music

MillTalk Episode 4