Disc Replication

Technicolor is the undisputed industry leader providing complete Blu-ray, UHD, CD, DVD, Xbox 360 and Xbox One manufacturing services for major studios, game publishers, independent rights holders, music labels, software developers, and book publishers.

A pioneer in the optical industry and the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of pre-recorded optical discs, Technicolor has the capability to manufacture over two billion discs annually.

Key capabilities include:

  • In-house Mastering
  • Replication and Printing 
  • Print and Graphics Management
  • Automated and Manual Packaging Assembly

Disc Art/Packaging Specifications

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Certificates of Compliance

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Assembly and Kitting Services 

As an expert in developing and executing complex assembly and kitting projects, Technicolor has the capabilities to procure, design, and produce packaging with supporting POS displays that will catch the attention of and appeal to your intended audience. We focus on customer and retailer requirements to provide cost-effective solutions while maintaining a commitment to performance and quality of service. 

Key capabilities include: 


Our packaging solutions range from highly automated to complex manual builds, across all media and product types.


We deliver high volume multi-site capabilities, with low cost near-shoring options available.  

Product Diversity

Our flexible platform is capable of supporting a diverse range of product sizes and requirements to address any of your assembly and kitting needs.

POS Expertise

Our high-volume POS display assembly expertise enables custom packaging and display builds at point of distribution and direct distribution to major retailers. 

Additional Services

Technicolor provides tools and solutions for customers to reduce total supply chain costs while increasing performance and visibility.

  • Integrated business intelligence solutions
  • Real time visibility on all shipments whether in-house or in route
  • Full EDI capabilities to integrate seamlessly
  • SOX-level audit and financial control

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) 

Leveraging our established near shoring BPO center in Guadalajara, Mexico, we offer master data management and data entry services, as well as MRP (materials resource planning) and order management.


Technicolor can work with you to streamline your supply chain through the application of network optimization and technical/manufacturing process design, ensuring improved savings and maximum ROI. We also offer Sarbanes-Oxley level audit and controls.

IT Integrations

Technicolor is equipped to fully integrate our system with yours through our EDI and API capabilities. We leverage technology to achieve better outcomes, enabling us to automatically find and collect information related to the current status of shipments and proof of deliveries so we can better meet your timelines.


Our reporting dashboards include operational, service-level, and financial KPIs, as well as comprehensive on-time metrics. Additionally, we supply daily, automated in-transit reporting across transportation modes, and online tracking at the shipment level.